In response to Jesse Williams Speech at the BET awards white people did typical white shit like asking "Why is there BET but not White Entertainment Television?!"

Guys lets think...MTV, VH1, FOX, CW, ABC, A & E, HBO, NBC, TLC, Disney Channel, etc. ALL of those networks are WHITE OWNED. All of those networks have predominantly WHITE shows about WHITE characters that live in WHITE towns where its only okay for people of color to pop up when there's only ONE. When he's funny in the way that entertains white people and when he can be the butt of the joke, one is allowed when they can be used to perpetuate a stereotype, when they can use it to reinforce colorism & hire black actors that are white washed either in looks or perceived intelligence, when she can be oversexualized, when the creators of the show can use blackness to perpetuate misogynoir, when the WHITE writers can kill them off, when they can say that they did their job- they are diverse,  because ONE black person is on a show filled with white faces. Tokens to meet a quota on a tally they hold that tells them they aren't racist. What about other races that have even less representation then black people do? Tell me why FOX, a network that has repeatedly shown itself to be anti People Of Color, creates shows called Blackish & Fresh Off The Boat. Tell me why no one questions what could possibly be wrong with titles like that?

Heres three of my favorite shows-

Law and Order SVU- two Cuban men, one that is only allowed to pronounce words with an accent when speaking to his family but makes sure not to at work (Barba), then one black guy that is light skinned(Ice T). They kicked off the black women & one returns sometimes (Medical Examiner, Warner) who's story was never developed outside of the lab, & they kicked off the Asian guy years ago. Every one else is white. Almost every victim is white & 80% of the time when the victim is of color the story becomes more about race or her fucked up stereotypical life before the assault then it is about what happened to her. Also whens the last time they won a case there the victim is of color? I mean good job being realistic. We don't win in real life either, i would know. 

That show has this way of making you sympathetic to the white female victims & expecting it when it happens to girls of color. Less because of the show itself and more because that show exists in a world where not only are all rape victims pushed aside but those of color are completely invisible. Mentions of race sometimes but never good enough. Wanna talk about race SVU? Let's talk about the fact that women of color are raped at higher rates & have less of a chance of seeing "justice", put that on TV when you mention race. Also let's talk about how I've been having SVU marathons whenever I can't sleep and so many episodes have white girls in there who when asked what their attacker looked like they say "It was a big black man" yet it actually wasn't. So if you are going to put something like that in your show don't let it hang there like a negro swinging from a tree. Open up a dialogue about how racially charged that is and why it hurts the black community. Then span past that to dig deeper & understand why that stereotype exists especially when white men out number black and all other races of men in committing sexual assaults. Also white men hold the leads in murder, mass murder, theft, armed robbery, domestic violence, and child abuse. Next- Game Of Thrones. This show is about a made up world where dragons exist, where white walker zombies take baby boys & turn them into non humans, where a witch is there that can bring people back from the dead with help from a god of light, where a girl is fireproof, & another girl can put on new faces like a pair of shoes. There is no reason for all of them to be white, or for the kings & queens to be white, & for the black people to be previous slaves that the fireproof girl freed. White savior. Don't come at me with "Historical accuracy!!" Because its HISTORICALLY accurate for People Of Color to rein as royalty all over the world. And any show about magic and fairytales was never concerned with accuracy of anything. There's also no reason for it to only be black & white. There's basically zero representation for any other race on that show. 

Orange Is The New Black: great diversity but basically every writer is WHITE. That show is porn for white guilt. They can get off knowing they did a good job being diverse while coming into a space filled with people of color & taking away the opportunity for them to tell their own stories themselves. People of color lives shouldn't come with white narrative 100% of the time no matter how good the show is. I mean fuck at least its better then white people making slave movies but we should be able to write our own stories. This is what happens when we are not given the opportunities to succeed at writing like white people are. Or when we are not even encouraged to realize that that could be a job we could dream of having. If you can see how bad representation is for POC visually, imagine how bad it looks behind the scenes, ie writers, producers, directors, etc.

Side note: BET is owned by Viacom aka WHITE MEN. Meaning that although it is called Black Entertainment Television we still don't have control over the content that is put out on it. This is why most BET shows heavily perpetuate colorism, misogynoir, & stereotypes. All of which just makes our community suffer more. So to answer your question with a question white people- why is there SO MUCH White Entertainment Television? Opposing opinions can write down those opinions on a knife & shove up your own anal cavity.