All white people have white privilege. 

You have white privilege if you are white and poor, white and a woman, white and a criminal. You have white privileged even if you've had a hard life, even if you have experienced prejudice. You have white privilege even if you face many other oppression's. Because oppression does not cancel out privilege. I am a black woman. There's two strikes against me. That's a lot of oppression. HOWEVER I am not trans gender, I am able bodied, English is my first language, I am from a first world country, not a single mother, not on welfare. Tho I do not have a lot of money I'm not homeless like I have been before numerous times, etc etc. All of that is privilege. I hold both oppression and privileged.


As do you, as do all of you. Recognize the privilege you hold. Below are some examples of  how white privilege works even in oppressive situations. -


Poor and white-

You have an easier chance of getting out of the life style because jobs will hire you faster, shelters take white people in faster then they do any other race, white people get assistance and approved for welfare at higher rates, white people have an easier time getting into low income housing and don't have to go in and act  "white" when meeting with these people for assistance. 


Being gay and white-

Again oppressive circumstances DO NOT cancel out privilege. White gay people hold soooo much power over the rest of he LGBTQ+ community, in fact they are the face of it. They often make gay oppression a thing that doesn't span to race, location or class. More then that tho, white gay men still hold MALE privilege as well as white privilege. And when people look at them they will see a white person before they see anything else.

And white gay women still holds privilege over other women straight or gay because they are white first. Your oppression doesn't cancel out the fact that a cop will draw a gun on a person of color faster then you, that a job is more likely to hire you, that movies are more likely to cast you, that you will face less discrimination as a white gay person then a black or Latino gay person will. All of this is privilege.

Abuse victim-

White Rape and domestic violence victims on average will see higher rates of "justice" even tho the system sucks over all. They also will get more resources for therapy. Women of color have the highest rates of sexual assault yet the fewest of crimes actually reported. An entire city will go into distress for a missing white girl but black girls are taken all the time and not many people want to look outside of their privileged bubble long enough to care. 

Experiencing prejudice as a white person-

There have been some very extreme cases of prejudice where people were abused or killed that were innocent. That is not okay obviously. But let's look at the bigger picture. How often does that actually happen? how rare is it for white oppression to take place? What happened afterwards? Was the white person able to go back to their life without being further oppressed? Was their offspring affected? So often that "oppression" is just someone of color hurting your feelings. Them saying something mean to project their oppression back on the white oppressors. A white person can leave that space feeling hurt yes but that experience never left them feeling hopeless in their existence, it never stopped them from getting jobs, quality education, or adequate housing, it didn't get them throw in prison, it rarely made them feel unsafe Because let's face it, calling someone "mayo" or "white bread" has never been the starting point to terrorism & it doesn't hold a body count but the word Nigger does. 

See where I'm going with this? Stop being up in your feelings and realize that In order to grow as a human an understand the true horrors of the fight we are in then you have to recognize your white privilege. Now most of you will say "but I don't want this! I wish I didn't have white privilege!" Yeah I wish you didn't have white privilege either but you do. You're existence benefits off of my demise.  And although that isn't your fault, instead of complaining about it you need to help us attack the systems in this country that created and still sustain this barbaric tool to use against people of color. We all aren't equal as long as white privilege exists. And you are not fighting with us is you do not recognize the privilege that you hold first.