This is to everyone that hates the government and that found nothing of comfort in Barack Obama after some of his shitty democratic policies and a continued war. For those of you that hate a tokenized family of color that seems to often suckle at the teat of white supremacy to maintain a position in a place that is the creator of the systems that shackle us, I want you to know that you get to feel that.


But to everyone that saw him, saw all four of them, and felt hope, felt that even tho he was a token for a white capitalist society, he was still there. For the ones that looked at him being in that position and felt like they could be anything, that they could do anything they wanted despite the color of their skin, you get to feel that.


Stop shaming each other.

There is space for both truths.


The government is a tool to be used against the marginalized. We know this. Our country feeds on power so to take it we blow up the children of other countries. Obama was given that seat with hundreds of years of colonization and genocide already sitting in it. Slaves built that White House.

But some of us still have hope that this place can be better one day despite every bad thing that has been done in the past.

There is still love in this soil.

Please don't crush people's hope. Hope just isn't the same for everyone. Some of you wish to be completely ridden of the systems, but some of us want to infiltrate it and make it better. You don't have all the answers and neither do i.


All I have right now is that I had a Black president. Regardless of what he did wrong or how white Americans used him against me, I had that. I saw this in my lifetime. I saw beautiful black women in the White House. And it gives me chills to think about the fact that they weren't cleaning it.


Some starts have rocky beginnings but pave the way for better one day. We will have better than what we are receiving on January 20th

 One day.

Teach Black and Brown children to dream.

They are the hope, the love we planted in the soil.

Remind them that we had a Black president.