My birthday is on October 26th and this year I want to do things a bit differently by taking my focus off of myself and encouraging those following me (and myself) to give back to others.  I have chosen two organizations (1. Black Women’s Blueprint and 2. Gems-Girls) that we all can support with donations for those with the means to do so. If you decide to donate, do some of my suggestions for Random Acts Of Kindness (below), or come up with your own ways to give back this October, be sure to tag me on Instagram!  I want to see what you all are up to. ✨


 Organization information: 

  • Black Women’s Blueprint, Inc. is a civil and human rights organization of women and men. Their purpose is to take action to secure social, political and economic equality in American society now. They work to develop a culture where women of African descent are fully empowered and where gender, race and other disparities are erased. They engage in progressive research, historical documentation, support movement building and organize on social justice issues steeped in the struggles of Black women within their communities and within dominant culture. Through Black Womans Blueprint they have also created a bold innovative in support of Black women across generations, ethnicities, sexualities and other identities, to confront the ever shifting nature of rape culture and sexual violence against Black women in the United-States.  More information about Black Women’s Blueprint can be found Here


  • GEMS provides a spectrum of continuous and comprehensive services to address the needs of commercially and sexually exploited girls and young women. Commercial sexual exploitation is intrinsically linked to racism, poverty, gender-based violence, and the criminalization of youth. All these factors are an integral part of any discussion, advocacy work or direct service programming that involves sexual exploitation. All of GEMS programs are based on their philosophy and values that each girl and young woman is deserving, and needs support and services to treat the trauma and violence she has experienced. GEMS believes in a multi-faceted, holistic approach to the issue of sexual exploitation.  More information about GEMS can be found Here


More Ways To Give Back

In the spirit of me turning 28 this year, below I have provided 28 ways to engage in Random Acts Of Kindness for the month of October! Feel free just to use this list as a guide and do only some (or all if you want!) and come up with your own! Tag me on ig🎃✨

  1. Pay for the drink/food of the person in line behind you
  2. Send a good friend a letter instead of a text
  3. Walk around all day wearing a sign with this quote:
  4. “i think one of the most pathological things i have ever seen is stabbing someone and then telling them that their pain and anger over being stabbed is making you sad. – white guilt” by Nayyirah Waheed *Feel free to add hashtags to your sign as well. Or to come up with other quotes for your sign.
  5. Buy a post it note pad and use 5 of them to write what you love about yourself. And leave yourself love notes to find
  6. Take 5 more and write what you love about someone you love and leave them somewhere for them to find
  7. For the rest write down as many quotes or words of encouragement  as you want and give them to strangers or leave them in places
  8. Volunteer at an organization of your choosing *Even better if you get friends or family to volunteer with you
  9. Write letters to incarcerated people
  10. Donate books to incarcerated people
  11. Send cards to doctors working in abortion clinics throughout the country
  12. Scroll the #BodyPositivity tag and show love to people that you find
  13. Order from a small restaurant and tip your server/delivery person generously
  14. Find a homeless person, give what you can, but also sit with them and talk to them
  15. Call businesses and ask to speak to the manager then ask if their business is accessible to people with different abilities and if not, ask them if they plan on working to change that.
  16. Promote/buy from Black owned businesses (research specific ones) on your social media pages
  17. Contact mosques, synagogues and Black churches and ask them if there are any ways for none members to volunteer their services to them
  18. Purposefully start your day with the goal of making a new friend
  19. Cook for someone
  20. Spend a day learning about the contributions of women of color in activism
  21. Support art made by a person of color
  22. Collect money from people you know (friends, family, coworkers) then together choose a charity or person to donate it all to
  23. If you don't already know them, knock on your neighbors door and talk to them
  24. Clean up liter
  25. Ask someone what you can do to help them today
  26. Pick a cause (be more creative then Planed Parenthood or ACLU) and start a piggy bank that you can add to whenever you get extra money. Pick a date to donte all funds, maybe your own birthday!
  27. Hand-make a gift for someone
  28. Take yourself on a date day
  29. Buy pads, tampons, diva cups, diapers, baby wipes, etc and donate to Women’s and LGBTQ+ shelters. If there are none in your area, mail them. 

Happy Giving! ✨🎉