Pay Me


Pay Me


Pay for your education that you receive from me, financially support my work, and my self-care to do this work.

*Note- If you wish to contribute more then $10.00, simply change the item number before check out.

Thank You For Supporting My Work.


Pay Me

Hey Y’all,

This service page was created to provide a space where my work can be funded.

Stop expecting free labor from Black people.

My time, emotional energy, and intellectual labor that I give out daily in anti racism work is worthy of compensation.

Payments start at a minimum of 10$ and can be raised to whatever dollar amount you wish by you simply changing the item number.

Pay for what you learn from me daily.

Pay for my self-care so that i may be able to continue to do this mentally taxing work.

Pay for monthly newsletters.

Thanks for shopping with ShiShi

P.S. Every payment that is made to me for any reason will automatically put you on the list to receive my monthly Newsletters that go out at the end of every month. Just make sure to include your email during check out.