20 something writer & activist.

My goal is to speak my truth while educating the privileged and uplifting as many marginalized people as possible. But perhaps on a grander scale, my ambition is to get people to think critically, even the ones who do not agree with me.

Its definitely a type of magic that happens the way mindsets, ingrained in us for sometimes our entire lives, can be changed simple because an idea was planted in our heads. Or maybe even because a thought pattern of ours was questioned or challenged. Sometimes the way we as humans hold on to what's easy to think is a bigger problem then the thought itself. I want to encourage people to evolve. I want you to think for yourself. The way we fight for opinions we have no right to form is why bigotry keeps spreading. And when I say we have no right to have these opinions I mean that in the sense that we, as humans, form opinions about topics that do not affect us. We fight against things that we are not oppressed by. we seek to have voices in positions that we have never been placed in, and that is a problem.

This website, my activist page on Instagram, and my daily truth that I speak in the real world, is not me educating you really, its me planting an idea and you wanting to understand that idea enough that you decide to educate yourself further. It is you coming into a space where you feel capable enough, and braced with the new tools to therefore seek your own truths. 

in order to evolve we must learn new things, hear different perspectives, and find a new worldly narrative. As a person who grew up in an environment where I did not recognize my own power, where my voice was often silenced, I want people to recognize the power that they hold. And in my efforts, I recognize my own.


                                   With love, ShiShi Rose