20 something





Community organizer

My goal with all of it is to speak true things.

To to be of service.

To advocate for and uplift as many Black people as possible during my time on this earth

To leave little seeds of good behind when I’m gone.

And ultimately I aspire to get people to think critically, even the ones who do not agree with me.

There’s this type of magic that happens in the way mindsets that may have been ingrained in us for sometimes our entire lives - can be changed simple because an idea was planted in our heads.

Or maybe even because a thought pattern of ours was questioned or challenged.

Sometimes we as humans hold on to what's easy to think.

To what we have been told to think.

We hold on the things that take the least amount of work. Because with work comes self reflection and accountability.

And yet self reflection is how we grow.

Its how we keep love alive and save this dying planet we are on along with the people in it.

So grow.

With Love, ShiShi