Korryn Gaines was murdered on Monday August 1st, 2016. Police officers raided her home over traffic warrants. In her home were her two children and their father. One of her children, the 5-year-old who was with her was also shot and is now in the hospital. There’s a few interesting things about this case. Maybe “interesting” isn’t the correct word. Perhaps “Typical” is. It’s typical for a black person who speaks out about injustice previously to then be murdered and for that murder to be covered up. Korryn had a history of documenting the police in the area of Baltimore that she lived in because of their police brutality. She documented what they did to her and to others. She even filmed herself getting pulled over by them in her vehicle. As was the case with Sandra Bland and many others, those who speak out are those often targeted. There is always some elaborate story made up about what these particular black people did to deserve death, then later a lot of what was originally stated by the police officers is proven wrong. It is typical for stories from the officers involved to be released to the media however it is just as typical for the story to be false. And what is interesting about this case is that Baltimore officers, since last month have been required to wear body cams. They should then have no problem releasing the video to us, unedited, showing exactly what they said that Gaines was shooting at them first. It’s typical…law enforced for officers to wait up to 48 hours to release body cam footage. Today is Wednesday.

Today a video should be released proving everything they are saying about her. It’s also interesting how if Gaines was heavily armed the cops didn’t mention that in the audio she recorded where you can hear them in the background asking about her phone. They were clearly more worried about being recorded then they were about whatever weapon she had. That being said, Police officers are trained to know what to do in hostage situations and are never supposed to fire wrecklessly when innocent lives can be taken unless of course that innocent life is less important because it belongs to a 5-year-old black child. Police are trained, or rather should be trained to properly de-escalate a stand-off. De-escalation of a situation SHOULD NOT mean murder. Plenty of other incidents involving criminals with guns who were on a literal rampage have ended with the criminal being escorted to the police vehicle unharmed. Dylan Roof, killed 9 people praying in church, received a bullet proof vest for his protection. There’s also been numerous incidents where civilians have had gun stand offs with police officers directly in their homes and in broad daylight and were not killed so it is possible. It is also possible to apprehend a suspect, even one with a weapon, without harming any additional civilians. No matter what she actually did, they knew that firing into that house could result in the death of a small child, and they did it anyway. They did it because Black Lives do not matter to them. But what’s typical is that they don’t seem to matter that much to many other black people either especially when the black life in question is a woman’s. We black women will rally for black men every-time another is brutalized and/or murdered. We will fight for them all even the criminals. Why? Because we realize that being a criminal doesn’t mean that you deserve to die. We do it because we have made it our duty to fight for black men. But black men don’t seem to realize that we are their duty as well. That it’s not up to them to prove why our murder is justified. It’s up to them to fight for us and for our children. To rally for us when they murder the mothers and wives. To shout our names when they break our daughter’s jaws and arms and slam them to the ground.

It’s up to them to realize that the mainstream media has never been for the revolution or in support of black lives so why would it be now? Why should we believe anything the officers are saying when they haven’t shown any proof to back it up and when they have all proven time and time again to not only lie, but to cover for each-other. Another black woman is murdered and black men aren’t fighting with us. People are saying she should have surrendered as if Charles Kinsey, Mike Brown, Pilando Castile, Oscar Grant, Sandra Bland, and so many others weren’t all hurt or murdered while complying. As if they don’t just shoot us in the chest instead of the back when we say “don’t shoot” with our hands up. What faith would Korryn have in a system that was built with her execution in mind? She stayed exactly where she should have. Spending her final moments with and comforting her son who didn’t realize he was about to be shot and watch his mother die in front of his young eyes. She had a gun because she knew they wanted her dead. You ask why she had a shot gun but you never ask why they sent a swat team in for her traffic violations. You ask why she had a shot gun not why she had to document everything the officers around her did or why she had a law suit against one of them. You ask why she had a shot gun but you don’t ask why the officers would shoot into a house where they knew children were present. You ask why she had a shot gun as if you would not have gotten a shot gun to protect your own life and the life of your offspring from terrorists in your neighbored with guns and badges and the entire country built so that they are above the law. She had a shot gun because so many of you reading this want to blame her for her own murder and she knew what would happen. Having a gun doesn’t warrant death. According to the people that support the NRA it’s an American right but it’s pretty clear that right, like so many “rights” are not for AFRICAN-Americans.