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Today's #ActivistAday features myself, ShiShi Rose (@shishi.rose) and I am one of the admins here.
For some people, their outlook of this country deeply changed on November 9th. For the rest of us, this is how it has always looked.

I want to remind you that that is a privilege.

It's a privilege that white supremacy wasn't at the forefront of your reality, because you benefit from it.

I want to remind you that no ally ever got very far, in any movement, without acknowledgement of their own privilege daily. You do not just get to join the efforts that people of color have been working for their entire lives to both teach and survive, without doing work, too. You don't just get to join because now you're scared, too. I was born scared.

Now is the time for you to be listening more, talking less, spend time observing, taking in media and art created by people of color, researching, and unlearning the things you have been taught about this country. You should be reading our books and understanding the roots of racism and white supremacy. Listening to our speeches. You should be drowning yourselves in our poetry. Now is the time that you should be exposed to more than just the horrors of this country, but also the beauty that has always existed within communities of color. Beauty that was covered over because the need to see white faces depicted was more important.

Now is the time to teach your children, to call out your family, to finally speak up. You have been silent for long enough. Now is the time to realize that you should have joined us sooner. But since you're here now, it's time to get to work.


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Nasty Women Of The Hour

Click Here For Podcast By Lena Dunham

#WomenOfTheHour EMERGENCY ELECTION SPECIAL On this special election episode, Lena and Sarah Sophie Flicker gather a super-panel of women to discuss this year's election, including Sarah Jones, Michaela Angela Davis, Linda Sarsour, Rebecca Traister, and CollierMeyerson. Plus, we’ve got a Supreme Court radio drama, Lena talks to Janet Mock and Geneva Reed-Veal, ShiShi Rose gives us a personal account, Liz Watson, Suki Waterhouse and so much more!

I think we can all agree, it's pretty exhausting to hear men talking about women's experiences. It hasn't just been exhausting this month: its been exhausting since cave people times, but during this election cycle its hit a critical mass.

It's exhausting to be talked over, interrupted, gaslit & silenced. It was exhausting in 5th grade history class and it's exhausting now and there is no woman, no matter her level of success, who doesn't know just what that feels like.

As we stand on the brink of electing our first female president, misogyny is as pernicious as ever, even more so because it's often so cloaked in vaguely good intentions, and it's making us feel nuts.

The last two weeks have been especially egregious, as we listen to male pundits explain what women across all intersections should be thinking, feeling and doing. Thanks but no thanks.

So we've called an emergency meeting like we're all all girls camp and there's been a bunk underwear theft, and we've done it in the form of a podcast.

Click the link above!

I Vote Love

On Oct 27, 2016 Alicia Keys passionately makes the case for Hillary Clinton and explains why she has chosen to #VoteLove in this new

I was cast to be apart of the promo photos and i did PA work on set for crew and Alicia's team.

The Speech

Video by Humanity For Hillary. I was cast to discuss HRC and to listen to a tape of an old speech of hers.

Pantsuit Power

On Sunday Oct 2, 2016 over 200 pantsuit wearing Hillary supporters gathered together to perform a dance founded in unity, love, and inclusivity.

Event Organized and Video Directed by Celia Rowlson-Hall and Mia Lidofsky. Co-choreographed by Celia and Crishon Landers. Produced by Jillian Schlesinger and Liz Sargent. Edited by Jillian Schlesinger and Anais Blondet.

I was able to PA on set for this film and help to organize the dancers.

We Trump Hate

By Director Tucker Walsh 

#WeTrumpHate is a film inspired by the values and beliefs that connect young voters in America and a rallying cry to participate in the process this November by electing Hillary Clinton. I was cast in this film and did visual and voice over work.

Unheard Voices Event July 30th 2016

A sit down panel discussion about Race and Politics

I organized this event mostly because i grew tired of feeling like my voice didn't matter whenever i tried to discuss race or politics in a public way. As people of color we become so used to other people speaking for us or our voices having no true power that we become disheartened. I want the people most marginalized to be the voices we hear most often speaking about these topics. And i want white people doing more amplifying of voices of color and less speaking in our behalf. We have every tool we need to rise above together and work to change the system of which we all live within. We have power. Our voices matter. We can organize and unite together.

#SpeakUpSpeakOut Protest July 22nd 2016

Kids and adults against police brutality, hate crimes, and all racially based violence