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June 2018 - list of Black educators of the past to learn about.

July 2018 - information to learn about the term Misogynoir.

August 2018 - a back to school guide for parents to push their children into anti racism work along with adult (without children) resources

September 2018 - explaining medical racism with the focus being on the Black maternal death rate and infant mortality rate being the highest of any group.

October 2018 - voting and that not being the only way to change racist institutions

End of the Year Newsletter - recommendations for Black literature and list of resolutions to uplift the Black community that can be applied all year

January 2019 - Mute R Kelly: resources to support Black victims of sexual assault

February 2019 - Reparations are owed

March 2019 - Medical Racism

April 2019 - How are you showing up to movements?

May 2019 - Anti-Blackness In the Summer

June 2019 - Are you killing Black people?